What Is Square Circle?

Square Circle is my family, my backbone, my support system, a.k.a super fans.  

Through all my successes and failures in music, I have realized one thing made it all worth it...and that’s YOU.  YOU came to the shows, YOU brought my music, YOU were on the other end of the message.

And like Rick Ross says, this is Deeper Than Rap, Its Deeper than music.  

So as an attempt to thank you for giving me life.  I created a way for me to fully show my gratitude. By joining the Square Circle Family today, you get access to unreleased music, private events and trips as well as monthly giveaways.

My goal is to amp your lifestyle up times 1000!

So quit bullshitting and join the family by signing up below.  

Just so you know, I’m putting my money where my mouth is, for every 200 sign ups I’m giving a random Square Circle member $100.  So the more people join, the more chances you have to win.


My goals and dreams are nothing without the support of you guys. Therefore, you will never see me campaigning for a record deal or industry clout. You guys are my record company! Each and every one of you are part owners in Square Circle and the Buddy Cheeks brand.

Donate $10 and get the Buddy Cheeks tee for free!  Don't forget to add your size & address.  Thanx for all your support!.

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